Explore our history

Gargia Lodge is looking back on 3 centuries as accommodation provider. A history that makes us proud and we want to continue. Gargia's history dates back to the 18th century with the establishment of a postal route in Finnmark, then the northernmost part of the Danish Kingdom.


The first Post Route

The first land based postal system is established in Finnmark under the rule of the danish kingdom. The postal route connects Torneå-Karesuando-Lepåpäjärvi-Kautokeino-Gargia-Alta​. A designated postmen and 2 helpers are tasked to deliver mail in the harsh weather conditions.


Lodges as shelter

Jotka, Mollisjok, Gargia, & Ravnastua mountain lodges are established as central waypoints and shelters along the postal route.​ The post workers crossed Finnmarksvidda in 30km increments – resting in the mountain lodges located along the way. Many of these lodges are still in place today, including Gargia Lodge.



The original Gargia Lodge was rebuilt in the 1950s after the war, and remained under state ownership until the 1970s.


A place for everyone

Since the 1970s Gargia Lodge has been family run and opened its doors for everybody to enjoy the beautiful nature at the foot of Finnmarksvidda


Gargia joins Æventyr

In 2021 Gargia Lodge joined the Æventyr family – we are proud to continue Gargias long heritage, offering warm beds, local cuisine and exciting adventures.